Monday, May 09, 2005

It's not sexy, or the kind of thing that goes into guidebooks, but I've gotta send a shout out to Columbia's Solid Waste Utility people. I've owned cars smaller than the pile of crap we put out by the curb yesterday afternoon, and they picked up every last bit of it, including scrap lumber, rusted patio furniture, and a few things that have been in the basement so long I couldn't even identify them any longer (I keed. The basement of our house (have I mentioned it's for sale?) is a lovely, nurturing environment, and in no way scary. Not anymore.). Eight years worth of crap, gone, thanks to the hardest working guys in Columbia. They rock.

I might also mention that I've had really great experiences with the electricity guys, too. Basically, this town is the best, and the city workers are a big part of what keeps it that way.

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