Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Last week one night I lay awake
thinking of the new house and inspections
and termites and water and wondering
what else could go wrong in starting
our new start, using every trick of breath
and attention to cool my mind and talk
my heart into letting me sleep,
bargaining with the night for patience
and peace, while across town you felt your heart
beat its wings against its cage and couldn't catch
your breath, again, and wondered why this was happening,
again, and couldn't bring yourself to ask for help,

Last night I lay awake and tried, again,
to trick myself into patience with banks
and houses and pieces of paper that say what
things are worth, tried not to wonder if I'd called
out of the blue, didn't tell myself it had been years,
or remind myself I didn't even know your number any more,
tried not to think of you in passing, while sorting out
my own troubles that are, really, nothing much at all
when weighed against the weight of the world, until
the tricks worked and I slipped off to sleep
without even noticing at all.

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