Monday, June 20, 2005

When I was a kid, and my parents bought a new house, not long after they moved in, they had our pastor out to bless the house. We don't have a pastor, and I'm not sure that sort of thing is all that necessary, but the last week and change have certainly been in the neighborhood.

The first night we spent in the new house, Billie and Emily were in town to help, and we toasted Home and Friendship. The weekend before that, my parents were here to help us paint the rooms formerly darkened by paneling. The morning after the big move, my brother and nephew were passing through, and got here just in time for brunch, and the breaking in of the stove. My heart swelled to see four people gathered around the stove, flipping pancakes, frying bacon, and stirring breakfast potatoes. And finally, this week, Christie's parents were in town to visit the new baby (my niece, if you're just tuning in), and get in a little R&R.

R&R must stand for something a little different in their dictionary than in yours and mine, though, because they wore the young folks out. But now we have a cleaner house, a fridge full of leftovers, and significantly fewer trees than we did when they arrived. Don't go thinking that we scalped the lot, though. There are at least 40 trees remaining. The idea, if you're curious, was to remove the weed trees and little ones so that the grass would grow in, and the remaining trees could get bigger. In a startling development, there were no injuries, in spite of the variety of implement of destruction involved, not to mention mass quantities of brush, big freaking logs, and that sort of thing. Well, okay, the back window did get busted out of Jeff's truck, and Christie's dad dropped a tree on me. But the window's easily replaced, and it was a fairly small tree. The most dangerous part was Christie's mom who almost fell over from laughing.

So, priest or no priest, I consider the new house most properly blessed and christened. Thanks, everybody.

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