Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Nutshell Movie Reviews:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Read the book. Once you factor in the commercials they show you at the theater, reading the book might actually take less time than seeing the movie, and it's a lot more fun. If you can't read, know that the film version is great when it sticks close to the book, but the screenwriter decided to create a backstory for Willy Wonka that's straight out of Freud for Dummies, that just about made me want to get up and leave. It's that annoying.

Wedding Crashers: There were scenes that had me squirming in my seat, and this is yet another "romantic" film that can't tell the difference between love and selfishness, but there were scenes that had me cracking up hours later, too, so I'd call it worthwhile. I would have liked to see Christopher Walken and Vince Vaughn get into a dance-off, though. Maybe it's in the deleted scenes.

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