Monday, August 22, 2005

I really, really, don't get this. In Smith County, Kansas, the sheriff resigned, and the state Republican party had the job of picking his replacement? Why is the sheriff a partisan office? Dunno. Guess it's just one more thing the matter with Kansas. But that's not what's weird.

What's weird is that they appointed a guy who used to be sheriff, but go fired for official misconduct and illegal wiretapping. Apparently, he bugged the police chief. Now, the prosecutor (another Republican) is refusing to work with him because he doesn't think he'll be able to successfully prosecute based on evidence from such an in-credible source.

The Republican party is refusing to back down or name someone else. This is what really blows my mind about today's Republican Party. Even when it's relatively easy to do the right thing, they screw things up and then refuse to back down.

The only explanation I can think of is that incompetence gets passed around like mono, and they were all drinking from the same can of soda back at the convention.

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