Monday, August 15, 2005

In the textbook business, this is the rush season. Everybody and their baby sister is starting school about now, and they all need schools. Which means, for me, a good time to get working on the stuff that's normally at the bottom of my to-do list. Why? Because my rush time has been the past couple of weeks, getting ready for right about now. It's a bit like being in the artillery. There's lots of prep and number crunching, then an enormous, earth-shattering KABOOM, and then a long wait before you hear the next explosion. And then an even longer wait till you see if you hit the target or not.

In other news, the surprise winner in the "who will be the first junk mailer to find Mike and Christie's new address?" contest is ... Bass Pro Shops, with their 2005 Fall Hunting Classic. Page after page of shotguns, deer rifles, scopes, and blinds, with the only electronic toys in the whole catalog having been covered in camo.

As a dataminer, I am deeply insulted.

Oh, and Missy, if you read this, drop me another email. I read it, marked it so I'd remember to reply, and then deleted it. Or archived it, marked it as spam, buried it in soft peat and recycled it as a firelighter, or some damn thing. All I know is that it's gone before I got a chance to write back.

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