Monday, September 26, 2005

The Dangers of Reality Television
Christie: I was having the weirdest dream. I was competing on Iron Chef America, and my teammates were the guys from Orange County Chopper. Senior just kept yelling at us to go faster, and Pauly wanted everything to have a "fire" theme. He kept painting flames on the tortillas with cayenne pepper. And Mikey just kept asking what things were. Those guys were useless!

Me: Sounds like it.

Christie: And Paul Sr. was the worst! I'd just get something plated, and he'd go up and eat it! He's talking with his mouth full, saying, "Yeah! That was good. Make more of that!" and I'm like, "Duh! Now I have to! Asshole." It was very frustrating!

Update: Christie has reminded me that Vinnie was there, too, trying to make Creme Brulee with a tig welder, which Christie insisted wouldn't work as well as a blowtorch, but he seemed to think he could make it work. No more Discovery Channel before bedtime for Christie.

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