Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The day after the hurricane hit New Orleans, when we were both looking for things to do, Christie called me with a name, the father of a coworker, and asked me to put my searching mojo to work tracking him down, since nobody had heard from him yet. I wrote it down on a scrap of paper on my desk and hit Google. Knowing his name and that he lived in New Orleans, I was able to find out what he did and where he worked, but nothing since the hurricane. I set up a Google News Alert, and checked every message board I could find. Nothing.

At first, I check every hour, then several times a day, and also at night, when I couldn't sleep. Then it faded back to once or twice a day, when I'd glance down at my desk and see his name on that scrap of paper. All I'd every found were messages from his coworkers, also trying to track him down.

Yesterday, I found a "yeah, he's fine" message. It was secondhand, but it was something. I passed it on to Christie, and she confirmed that he's fine. The consequences of this are, effectively, zero. I don't know the man, and his family's probably known for over a week that he's fine. It's just this: He was on my list of things to worry about, and now he's off the list. There's nothing quite as nice as the closing of a thread.

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