Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I was feeling just an itsy bit bitchy yesterday, and couldn't stop myself from swearing at some woman in the Lowe's parking lot who gave up her turn at a three-way stop three times in a row so other cars could go. While I was behind her! What was she thinking?

Christie wondered out loud if she should drive, but I assured her that I was fine (Fine!) and there was no need to worry. To demonstrate my fine-ness, as we pulled out onto Broadway, I even slowed down to let some idiot woman into our lane, because she, like me, wanted onto 63 South, but unlike me, hadn't had the foresight to get into the proper lane. But I'm a spiritually evolved person, so I let her cut in front of me.

What I hadn't counted on, though, was that 63 South went from two lanes down to one about fifty feet past the entrance ramp, and the woman I'd kindly allowed in front of me refused to go over 50 miles an hour. But I'm a spiritually evolved person, so it didn't bother me being stuck behind her. What did bother me was the insensitive bastard who had been four cars behind me coming onto the entrance ramp, and managed to pass three cars in fifty feet, and almost rear ended me.

Being the spiritually evolved person that I am, I started slowing down, ostensibly to give the woman in front of me plenty of room, but really just to bug the tailgating jerk behind me. Christie raised her eyebrow at me, so I explained why I was slowing down. She turned around to see, and, yeah, this guy was tailgating and looking very annoyed at my 45 mile an hour, spiritually evolved self.

The next exit was ours, so I pulled off, and Tailgater floored it, only to be brought up short by Slowpoke. Christie giggled and said, "They deserve each other."

I grinned back. "I'm glad I let her cut in. It's true what they say: a good deed is it's own reward."

And just like that, my bad mood was cured.

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