Thursday, September 08, 2005

The old house was just that: old. Well, not that old, I guess, but sixty years is old enough for the kind of house that it was. Most of the projects there were of the "it broke, so now I've gotta fix it" variety. The new house is only twenty years old, and it was built with a fair attention to detail. So not too many things have broken and need fixing. Now the projects are more of the "this bugs me" variety, or just a matter of bringing things into the 21st century.

So, without further ado, here's my list:
  1. Get the lawn established. Why the lawn was new this spring is a story for another blog post, so suffice it to say that this August was too hot and dry for our barely-established lawn, so now we've reseeded, and are hoping to get some decent turf going. At this point, it's less about aesthetics than it is about erosion.
  2. Finish lighting the front steps. When we first bought the house, they were unnavigable after dark. I put lights on most of the posts, but there's one more I'd like to do before I declare victory.
  3. Light the path to the back door. Same story, basically.
  4. Replace basement stairs lightswitch. It's a brown switch, and pretty much invisible in the dark. I'd like to replace it with one that lights up when it's off.
  5. Replace jacuzzi timer. Yeah, we've got a jetted tub. And we use it, too. Great for migraines and tension headaches. But the switch on the jets is a 12-hour timer. What kinda sense does that make? I bought a 1-hour timer to replace it.
  6. Install a dimmer for the light over the tub. Like I said, the tub's mostly for use when I've got a migraine, so bright light = bad.
  7. Organize the workshop. This will be a life-long pursuit, but I'm including it because I'm an incurable optimist.
That's it, for now. Why am I telling you? Partly to organize my thoughts, but mostly so there' something up here that isn't bitching about the hurricane relief.

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