Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Well, the bullshit machine has started up. I'll say it again, because it apparently needs to be said: FOX News lies.

Let's break it down:
Bullshit: Governor Blanco delayed declaring an emergency, which prevented FEMA from coming in.
Fact: She declared the emergency before the hurricane even landed, so that prep work could begin.

Bullshit: Neither Nagin or Blanco were going to evacuate until Bush called them on Saturday.
Fact: He called them a couple of minutes before the press conference where they announced the mandatory evacuation and explained how it was going to work. Yes, he did urge evacuation in that call, but given the complexities of evacuating a major city, there's no way in hell that they weren't already in the process of doing so when he called.

Bullshit: There was no way of knowing things were going to be that bad.
Fact: Now they're not even bothering to keep their lies consistent; they're just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. And if Bush didn't know things were going to be that bad, why did he want them to evacuate New Orleans?

Bullshit: FEMA doesn't even really have jurisdiction, and is just helping out because it's the "right thing to do". Coordinating all the aid is somebody else's job.
Fact: The presidential declaration of emergency clearly puts FEMA in charge of coordinating relief efforts. Caveat: For some reason, the declaration lists the parishes in which it takes effect, and it ignores the coastal parishes likely to be most effective. I cannot think of a reason to do this, other than incompetence, and I have heard no attempted explanation from anyone associated with or sympathetic to the administration.

Bullshit: Blanco won't give up control to FEMA.
Fact: This one's true, but her refusal came only after they'd demonstrated their incompetence and indifference. I'd do the same damn thing.

Bullshit: Mayor Nagin left 600 busses empty that could have been used to evacuate people.
Fact: Evacuate them to where? In what world does a mayor have jurisdiction to dump 60,000 refugees on some other town's doorstep. Plenty of offers have come in now, but nobody was offering anything before the storm.

Bullshit: They report, you decide.
Fact: They report lies; you decide not to watch. If your cousin lied to you again and again, never admitted it, but still kept doing it, would you still depend on him to tell you what's going on in the world? Then why are you still watching FOX News?

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