Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I can't imagine too many of my regular readers will find this too useful, but for the Googlers out there, here's a word of mouth recommendation:

Ever since Christie and I moved, the cellphone reception at the new house has sucked. So we got new phones. For a whole bunch of reasons, we wanted clamshell phones. The guy at the Cingular store went over the phones with us and told us which ones had a good reputation for reception, and we ended up with Nokia 6102s. Not that we care, but it's a camera phone. Phone dude said we could buy a data cable to get the pictures from the phone to a PC without paying the networking charges, but the 6102 has an infrared port, and my Axim handheld has an infrared port, so why use a cable?

I was able to download pictures from the phone to my Axim 5 with no problem, but I couldn't upload anything from the Axim to my phone. A little quality time with Google told me that this is a "known issue". A little more Googling led me to Conduits' Peacemaker, a nifty little application for my handheld that gets it to play nicely with pretty much anything with an IR port. There's a freeware version that lets you upload contacts, but you'll need the pro version to upload images and such. It's about $15, but there's a 30-day free trial period.

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