Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mostly we've been working on rebuilding Christie's parents' deck, and there's not much to tell about that, just hitting things with hammers, driving screws, and lifting heavy things. I've only been down here a few times before, so it's not much of a blow to me seeing the windowless houses, broken trees, and, in some places, foundations scraped bare of house. The scale of it is so huge, that it kind of softens the blow. There's just too much to take in. But for Christie, this is home. We nearly got lost on the way into town because so many of the landmarks have moved or been destroyed. And nothing says "hurricane" like see a house sitting almost in the street, and the address spraypainted on the side of it. Not the address where it's sitting now, mind you, but the place a quarter mile off where it used to belong.

Today, though, we put the tools away and took a drive with Christie's folks. The pictures are up on Flickr

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