Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Moreena's got a great post up:
"After finally getting a shower and lunch, I headed to the hospital lobby for a coffee. Rounding the corner I saw that the hospital had set up Santa Claus, complete with a red throne and elves. He was surrounded by wiggly children, all murmuring, 'Santa!' and eyeing the presents he was handing out to each child. They were all so excited and happy, and (wouldn't you know it?) I started to cry. I can pretend that Christmas will happen in February this year, but the rest of the world is carrying on with the usual calendar.

"As I entered our PICU room again, my emotions back in check, Jörg stood up and announced he was going downstairs to get some hot chocolate from the cafe.
'OK, but there's a Santa down there,' I warned him.
"He looked at me quizzically, clearing not understanding what I meant.
"A little embarrassed, I explained, 'He made me cry.'
"'Santa made you cry?'
"I nodded, beginning to realize that perhaps my warning was a bit unnecessary for someone not awash in PMS hormones.
"Jörg cocked his head and gave me a concerned look, 'Do I need to beat him up?'"

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