Friday, March 31, 2006

Christie and I went to Kayotea for lunch today, and while I think they're generally on the right track, I do have some constructive criticism. They clearly take tea seriously, and seem to have only top quality tea paraphernalia in stock, which is good. Too many places sell tea gadgets that, not to put too fine a point on it, suck. I saw no such frippery here. Also, many of them are reasonably priced, and not available anywhere else here in Columbia.

The black teas all seemed to be pretty good, and their herbal teas look interesting, but I was a little disappointed in their green teas (which is my personal tea passion). Also, they brew their green, black, and herbal teas all at the same temperature, which is all right for a coffee shop, I guess, but I expect tea geeks to know better.

Finally, they had pitchers out for cream and half and half, but no milk. For shame!

Please don't get the wrong idea from this. They've been open barely a month, and are still working the bugs out. They're doing a lot of things right, and I very much hope they thrive. Hence the constructive criticism.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself lucky if a place that serves tea even boils the water. And yes, the milk...small amounts served in soda glasses or coffee cups by befuddled wait staff--it looks like what it is--an afterthought and it dribbles.
Whatever happened to those small metal cream pitchers milk and cream used to be served in? Ah yes, it's hard to be a tea drinker in a coffee world.

Or, more correctly, in this country. When we went to Russia, it was such a delight to go to the grocery store and right there on the shelves, boxes and boxes of fantastic, very good quality black teas--you couldn't go wrong. I can find some of the same teas at the Indian store but I have to travel about 40 miles to get there!


Mike said...

I'm the same way with coffeeshops, but Kayotea bills itself as a place run by tea lovers for tea lovers, so I feel entitled to nitpick.

But it's still the best place for a cup of tea in mid-MO, so be sure to check it out next time you're in the neighborhood.

Felo said...

i would hardly say that it is a coffee drinkers world seeing s to tea is the worlds most popular beverage next to water. but Kayotea is a godsend i came to CoMo from FL and i thought that the tea i drank on the morning of the flight was the last decent (loose leaf) cup of tea that i would have in atleast 3 months thankfully i was proven wrong.