Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A couple of handwriting experts have revived Italic, an old blend of cursive and print that is fast to write, easy to learn, and more legible than most people's cursive. The next step is getting it taught in schools, which is already starting to happen.

It's about time. I was shocked to read how many schools are still teaching handwriting the way I learned it, which was essentially the same as it was taught in the 1800s, minus the slate. If schools want to continue to teach cursive, they ought to go all the way and teach calligraphy. It's every bit as practical, and much prettier.

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jeffrey said...

During my oh-so-very-short stint in the Mass public schools, I apparently shocked my fellow teachers by admitting that I did not know cursive (couldn't remember it anyway). I had been telling the students to print their answers instead--only to learn later that cursive was required!.