Thursday, March 16, 2006

A little bit of sweat won’t hurt children: "I am 73 and remember when I was 13 to 16. I pitched hay in humid June, detassled corn in Hartsburg bottoms, cut winter wood with crosscut in July and August, cut sprouts, spread manure with manure fork after emptying barn (hot and stinky), etc. Tell me about sweatshops; been there, done that. Others of my age might have had it harder. What I am saying is sweat won’t hurt you. Matter of fact, with all of the obesity, more work, more sweating, less TV, less computering, less hanging out at the mall and less video games would be a good thing."

Yes, he really is arguing that sweatshops are good. And he signed his name. Wow.

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Clearlykels said...

Perhaps, someone should let this guy know that the point of opposing sweatshops is to get the workers more money...I think he missed that point. Goodness. People amaze me all of the time or maybe I am just naive.