Friday, March 03, 2006

Moreena's got a post up on her daughter's yearning to grow up so she can "touch dangerous things." It's a nice meditation on risk, particularly the risk of having kids.

I'd like to say my thoughts on the matter are equally lofty, but the simple fact is that touching dangerous things is my favorite part of being a grownup. That and climbing things I shouldn't climb, walking on top of railings, and just generally making a reckless fool of myself.

I love sharpening knives, chopping vegetables, playing with power tools, stoking the fire, and poking stray vegetables down into the garbage disposal while it's running.

Which reminds me. We have Christie's parents' old chandelier on extended loan, so I hung the big white globe over the bathtub. It worked great for a while, then there was a popping sound, and it quit. I replaced the bulb, rewired it, put in a new light socket, and none of it fixed the problem. Most confusing was the fact that my voltmeter kept telling me that there were 120 volts getting to the the fixture, but the bulb stayed dark. Very confusing.


Me: I need to replace the switch. I'm not getting enough amps.

Christie: How'd you figure it out?

Me: First of all, it's just about the only part of the system I haven't replaced yet. And secondly, I forgot to turn the switch off just now, and when I touched both wires, it didn't hurt nearly as much as it should have.

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