Monday, May 22, 2006

I love the smell of new data in the morning
Ah, to come in on a Monday morning and find a much needed answer sitting in my mailbox. To have the address of the tables I need. To open it up and find that, yes, I have the access I need, and don't need to wait for someone to unlock it. To select the fields, set the criteria, and watch the download begin. It's like going to hang a new ceiling fan and finding that the wiring is simple and straightforward. It's like finding an extra can of chicken broth in the cupboard when you desperately need it.

There's just nothing quite like watching those numbers stack up as you download a 73 records, then 352, then 1,743, then 358,921, and then 1,354,215 and the doubt begins to set in, and sometime after the counter passes 10,317,246 records and it sets in that this could be a very long day after all.

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