Monday, May 01, 2006

When we first bought the house, the kitchen sink had a faucet that was probably cutting edge (and we certainly high quality) twenty years ago, but had some serious design flaws, like too low a spout and dual handles that were too hard to turn and situated poorly.

So we replaced it with a faucet that looked okay, had easy to turn faucets, and a nice gooseneck that let us fill large pots. Unfortunately, it was sort of the dictionary definition of "low-end" and had an annoying tendency to start dripping just when I most wanted to be doing something other than fixing the damn faucet. Again.

Friday night it started dripping, and I fixed it. Saturday when we got home from Lowe's, it was dripping again. So back to Lowe's it was, and then to Home Depot, where we chucked "low-end" and went straight for "will never drip again".

We didn't go for crazy high-end expensive, of course, but that was the section that inspired the crack, "Well, now we know why they call it Price-Pfister!"

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