Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This article in the Tribune does a pretty good job of pretending to be balanced about the "Marriage Protection Amendment" while showing its proponents to be morons. Or nuts. I'm not sure on that one, really. How are we supposed to interpret this:

"Allowing gays to marry could lead to 'eventual extinction,' Kline said. 'It might sound crazy, and people don’t like to hear this, but gay couples cannot reproduce. Ultimately they - not in all cases, but in many cases - they don’t reproduce, so they have to recruit others to live their lifestyles.'"

So if gay marriage is legal, then everyone is going to want one? Actually, I can see that. Christie and I totally have a gay marriage, and take it from me, that's the only way to go. We've both tried grim marriage, and it sucks.

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