Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Congress is getting ready to vote on Educational Technology again. Their track record is pretty lousy regarding funding ET, so it's pretty crucial that as many people squawk about it as possible. Go to EdTech Action Network to contact your rep and senators the easy way, or just call them up.

If these programs were just about teaching kids how to use computers, they'd still be crucial, since there isn't an industry in America that hasn't been overhauled with tech. But they do a lot more. Technology is just the spoonful of sugar that lets in a revolution in pedagogy, replacing 1950s teaching styles with ones better suited to the world we actually live in. There are some amazing programs out there that depend on this funding for survival, and that funding depends on we the people letting our elected representatives know that we want our money invested in the future of our country, not pissed away on no-bid contracts, tax cuts for Paris Hilton, etc. etc.

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