Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Over at TAPPED, Alec Oveis is arguing that the Lieberman loss is bad news because all the effort that went into kicking Lieberman out of the party could have gone to defeating actual Republicans.

Look, I agree that the Republican party is the biggest problem facing our country right now, but I also think that the Democratic party is a close second. While the Republicans were dragging us into an elective war that did nobody any good unless they owned stock in Halliburton, the Democrats pursued a bizarre strategy of capitulation and triangulation that made it much harder to get the truth out there in the media. The leadership of the Democratic Party needs to understand that they can be fired for their incompetence. Call me an optimist, but I think firing Lieberman sends that message loud and clear.

The fact that he himself is refusing to hear that message and is instead planning to run as an independent this fall just drives home why he needed firing in the first place.


cleek said...

You're right on target when you say that leadership can and should be fired for incompetence, but Lieberman has been crossing political lines for some time. It seems to me that he more appropriately belongs on the ticket as an independent than as a Democrat. While it may be true that he does not have more support in the Democrat party than Lamont, it might be true that he has more support among ALL voters in Connecticut than either any single Republic or Democrat, and for that reason I fully believe that he should run as an independent. Quite honestly, I think all candidates should run independently.

Mike said...

True enough in an ideal world, or one where the pool of voters is small enough that you can depend on a bit more connected electorate. Local elections, for instance, are usually party-free. As it is, though, I think we're stuck with some kind of structure to vet the candidates and help out busy voters.

Branding, I guess. Like buying a Toyota rather than reading Consumer Reports on every single truck model that comes out.

You're right, too, that Independent is a better fit for Lieberman than Democrat, except that he kept up his claim of being a Democrat up until the party ceased to offer him any benefits, all while doing more to help Republicans than Democrats.

Can you tell I'm glad to see him out of the party?

So when are you guys coming to see us?