Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Color me just a little freaked out. I know we live in a deeply weird world where it's not hard to find somebody who believes just about anything. Look at the flat earth dudes. But I just overheard two guys in the bathroom talking about nuking the entire middle east because, in their words, "they started it". Naturally, of course, there was the usual fun stuff about Democrats being traitors who want to destroy America, cut and run, and should just go ahead and change their name to Islam because they're allies. With the Muslims who all want to kill us. And, yeah, they were pretty clear on the fact that women and children would have to go, too. "No mercy", to use their phrase, is apparently the only way to 'win'.

I did speak up, but got dismissed with a "yeah, yeah, yeah" and a wave of the hand as dude one, the one who brought up nuking, walked off.

We have talk radio to thank, I guess, for people who think that the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent people is not only appropriate urinal conversation, but also a legitimate foreign policy option for the greatest country in the world.

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