Saturday, September 16, 2006

Everybody Poops, Especially Cats!
A little bird told me that Erin's getting a cat or two, and Rita was curious about how we manage three, so here's the straight dope on cat poop in the Terry household. Naturally, we've got a system. The first bit of it was inspired by Theron. Go out and get yourself a couple of big Rubbermaid containers. Like 60 quarts big. Ideally, you want ones with the smoothest bottoms you can get, since you don't really want nooks and crannies where cat litter can get stuck.

Step two is to cut a square hole in one side of the lid for the cats to get in and out. Doing it this way means they can't kick litter over the side and get it all over the floor, nor can they "miss" the litter box and piss all over the floor. This is the part I stole from Theron. Using a transparent or translucent storage bin was my idea.

Our cats don't like to share, so we have three litter boxes. Some cats are fine, so you might just need one. Regardless, buy one more bin than you need, and leave one lid uncut.

Next step is to pick up a sifting litter box insert. I've only ever seen these as part of a set, like this one from Amazon. If you're handy, I'm sure you could probably make one, but I had this piece laying around the house. If you do make one out of wood, be sure to seal it really well! You keep the sifter in the spare bin, tucked away when you're not using it.

If you've done your measuring well in advance, or if you're just really lucky, your sifting screen will fit perfecting in the bin when the lid's off. When it's time to clean the litter boxes, you pull out your spare bin and set it up with the sifter right next to the litter box to be empty. Pour the litter from the full bin to the empty one, and all the nasty bits stay in the screen. Empty that into a trash bag, put the lid with the hole on it onto the bin that used to be empty, but now holds litter. Put the screen into the now empty one, move onto the next litter box to be cleaned, and repeat as needed.

I've got the whole process down to about 5 minutes for three litter boxes, and a minimum of ick factor. It's like I always say: If you want to know an easy way to do a job, give it to a lazy man. That's me! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

An easier solution would be............get a dog. :-)