Friday, September 01, 2006

This isn't necessarily something everyone would be interested in, but I found a source online for Hoosier Cabinet Parts, which means that, even though I don't have room in the kitchen for a Hoosier Cabinet, I could still have a flour bin with built in sifter installed in our baking cabinet. Or, you know, I could just add it to the list of future products, guaranteeing that it will never actually be done.

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Anonymous said...

If that "local Amish man" who builds these kick ass pieces of furniture would be willing to barder for the cost of a birth, Dawn and I could probably use one. Otherwise, we couldn't afford it. Not, I think, could anyone who would actually use it enough to make it worth it (other than as decoration) because they'd be working a full time job (outside the home). That said, I want one. -Patrick