Sunday, October 22, 2006

Christie left this afternoon for a business trip in the Carolinas. She's actually not flying out until tomorrow, though. Today she's at the Chihuly exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. With my Mom. Mom's been wanting to see the exhibit, and Christie needed a ride to the airport, so it sort of worked out. Except my wife and my mother are spending the day together, without me there to be sure nobody tells too much truth. But I'm sure it'll be fine. What could possibly go wrong?

In other news, you may have noticed a paucity of posts lately. I could, I suppose, talk about the first head cold of the season, weekend projects, a make-it-yourself Christmas, migraines, or any of the other things that have been eating my spare time, but I'm actually going to break one of my rules and talk (in suitably vague terms) about work.

There once was a time that I was desperate for some way to keep track of all the various projects that were stacking up around me. I picked up David Allen's Getting Things Done. Now, I didn't do the full 43 folders thing. I didn't need anything quite that involved. I just needed a way to track requests from my boss(es), a few recurring projects, and one or two pet projects of my own.

I picked up a few nifty tricks, but this isn't a post about Getting Things Done, it's a post about Not Getting Things Blogged. The GTD tricks got my in-box down to a manageable level, and, more importantly, brought my stress level down through the ceiling. A few weeks back, I started wondering if I was getting too good and tracking my to-do list. I never ran out of things to work on, but where I was used to having five or six major projects, a dozen minor ones, and at least a couple of amorphous head-scratchers, now I was down to less than ten projects overall. It was nice being able to close some old threads, but I'd be lying if I wasn't wondering if something was up.

Something was up, and my cubicle walls are now plastered with new projects, printed large enough that I can know what I need to be worried about without leaving my chair. The detailed view runs to some thirteen pages, I'm working on things I didn't even know about two weeks ago, and am in charge a web site I haven't had to pay detailed attention to since about three redesigns ago. And I still have some of the old projects, too.

Actually, it's probably good for my sanity for this to be happening so close to the election, because I am way, way too busy to be paying close attention. I will not, I expect, be busy enough not to miss Christie, though. There ain't no such thing.

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