Monday, October 02, 2006

Novel police tactic puts drug markets out of business. They're mostly targetting crack markets in the inner city, but I'd love to see this approach adapted to meth in rural areas. It's not that I necessarily think it will work; it's that what we're doing clearly isn't working, and we need to try some new approaches.


Anonymous said...

My high school did something similar. They photographed and videoed "the corner" which was just off school grounds where folks (not me mind you) hung out smoking cigs (and dope). They then passed the photos onto parents. It caused quite an uproar among my friends.


Mike said...

I remember as a high school student being outraged by similar "invasions of privacy", but now that I'm an old fart, I feel a little differently. Parents have a right to know.

On the other hand, I hate the drug testing they're starting to require for kids who want "priviledges" like parking on school grounds. If we raise kids in an environment where the Bill of Rights doesn't apply, then they won't be as protective of it when they grow up.