Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Totally Anecdotal
There was one electronic voting machine in our polling place this morning, and a half dozen places to sit and fill out paper ballots. People were standing in line, waiting for a chance to sit down, but not one person chose to save time and use the computer. This in a state that requires electronic voting machines to have a paper trail. What's interesting to me is that lots of people chose to use the computer during the primaries. So in my neighborhood at least, people seem to trust electronic voting only enough to use it for relatively unimportant races. Of course, by the same anecdotal standards, all but one of the voters in my neighborhood have names starting with L-Z, so skepticism is certainly warranted.

I've still got this crappy cold, but I'm riding a nice election-day buzz. Voting was easy and straightforward, the lines weren't bad at all (it's depressing when there's no line at all), and just for spite, I voted to recall Stephen Limbaugh from the Supreme Court partly for being the lone dissenting vote in favor of requiring photo IDs for all voters, and partly for being Rush Limbaugh's cousin. I don't know that any state Supreme Court justice has ever lost one of these "shall _____ be retained in office?" votes, but I just couldn't bring myself to put a Yes next to a Limbaugh. Funny, though, how I'll have no problem voting Jay Nixon for governor in a few years.

Tonight will be crazy news watching, and then I think I'll be giving up on politics for a while. Unless the Dems take Congress and the Repubs do something crazy with their lame duck months, like invade Iran or scuttle Social Security.

My favorite part of voting, though, was the pile of political signs at the curb of the polling place. We vote at the Free Will Baptist Church, and this whole season, their yard has been littered with signs on this issue or that. Today was both election day and trash day, though, so they threw out all the signs. Originally, I was grooving on the symbolism of a church stripping itself of politics in order to do its civic duty. Now, though, I kind of enjoying the coincidence of Election Day also being Trash Day.

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Anonymous said...

Here in our district there was a fairly vigorous write-in campaign for county attorney. My choice to use a paper ballot was driven by the fact that our machines make it more difficult to "write in" a name.

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