Friday, December 15, 2006

Because I'm not typing as fast (or as well) as I once did, it's not as easy for me to dash off a post, hence the semi-silence here of late. But I figure I owe you guys an update on the finger situation. So here it is:

The doctor's optimistic about it. He likes the way it's healing and thinks I should be able to keep the tip. He's curious about possible damage to the bone, so when I go in for my checkup next week, the first thing I'm doing is getting an x-ray. If the bone is seriously damaged, it might get infected or die, in which case I will lose the tip, hence the concern. He is not, however, terribly optimistic about the nail. All of the nail is gone, as is most of the nail matrix, so if it grows back, it'll only be a partial nail. One option is to transplant one of my toenails up to my hand, but he wants to wait and see how my finger heals before we get into that. Basically, the idea is to deal with one problem at a time, which I applaud.

The pain is better, which leads me to think I can do more, which means I end up bumping it, which makes it hurt more. Even when I don't bump my finger against something (which believe me, hurts like a sonofabitch), just keeping it below the level of my heart for a while makes it start to throb. So I'm spending less time sitting on the couch with my hand in the air, but I'm managing to remind myself regularly that I'm not actually healed, yet.

I am itching to get back into the workshop. Part of my motivation is the whole bunch of projects I've been thinking about. Part of it is the new toys I plan to get so I can keep indulging my passion for wood without risking another injury. But there's one more reason, one I haven't really told anyone. So keep this just between us, okay?

I'm scared. Shredding your finger with a dado blade hurts. A lot. And it still hurts, almost three weeks later. When I think about the accident, read about tablesaw projects, or think about a whole range of topics related to the thing that almost cost me a finger, my stomach drops, my heart races, and my skin gets cold. I can't wait to get back into the workshop so I can stare down that fear and get back to doing something I love. Safely, of course.

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Rita said...

We so totally feel your pain. Please use those wood thingies (instead of your fingies) to push wood through the blade next time. :) It's always scary getting back on the horse after a fall.