Wednesday, December 27, 2006

From a purely acquisitive perspective, this was a pretty good Christmas. The gift theme seemed to be "workshop safety", which might seem a bit obvious, but it's what's been foremost on my mind lately for obvious reasons, and it's a much better theme than "let's find Mike a hobby that doesn't involve power tools". And I got an ice cream machine. I'm still trying to decide if I'm more excited by the ice cream machine or the new router and router table. I think it's a tie.

But the best part of Christmas is all the stuff I hated as a kid, the family time and food and laughter and such. We had thirteen for dinner on Christmas day, and it was not bad luck at all; it was a joy. Christie's folks have been with us a week now, and that's been a joy, too.

Of course, it's a season of expectations, and emotions run close to the surface this time of year, so there have been one or two little tiffs, but I can't imagine a group this size (there are eight of us, and we've been spending the better part of every day together) where that didn't happen. I expect the house will seem pretty quiet next week. Maybe I'll make some ice cream. That makes everybody feel better.

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