Friday, December 29, 2006

I was about due for an allergy shot when I mangled my finger, and didn't quite make it over there until last week. They told me then that because I'd gone so long, I was very nearly starting over with allergy shots. Which explains why my sinuses are killing me right now. So why am I smiling through the headache?

Because on the way to work today, Christie and I noticed that Wal-Mart had only one of its three automotive bays open. The ones labelled "Tires" were all closed, with chains across them, but the one labelled "Lube" was open. Now, I know the way you think, and I'm sure you're thinking I made some sort of stupid, off-color pun. I didn't. Christie suggested that maybe the tire guys didn't get there until nine, and I suggested it might be an inventory thing. "Maybe they don't have enough tires to do a whole car," I said, "Maybe they're just two-tired..."

See, not off-color at all.

And so I'm smiling, partly because I have a sweet-tooth for dumb puns, but mostly because Christie didn't pull the car over right then and make me walk the rest of the way to work.

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