Thursday, February 08, 2007

If you're not a reader of political blogs, then you probably don't know that the Edwards campaign is under attack for things that two of its staffers wrote on their personal blogs long before they became Edwards staffers. Both women were, in the best sense of the words, mouthy broads, unafraid to say what they thought about the religious right, the right-wing spin machines, and the moronic silver-spooned posers currently running our government and media. At least one of the women had been looking for work for sometime, and the job with the Edwards campaign was a dream job that dropped out of the sky for her. She was in the process of relocating her household for it.

William Donahue, the head of the Catholic League, a man so dedicated to measured and reasonable discourse that he asked Mark Foley why he allowed himself to be molested by a Catholic priest when he was 13 (god forbid we blame the priest), dug through years of posts until he found something sufficiently incendiary, then he went to the media and called the women "Anti-Catholic bigots".

I would very much like to like Edwards, but it's dismaying how derailed his campaign seems to be by this. If you're going to run against Republicans, you ought to know you're going to have to deal with this kind of crap, and you ought to be ready. And it's not like Donahue is a paragon of virtue. It doesn't take long to come up with a catalog of dumb, bigoted things he's said (lesbians belong in asylums, Hollywood is run by Jews and loves anal sex, and do I really need to list more?). The man lives in a glass house. This is a kindergarten playground fight compared to what happen in the general campaign, and it's nothing compared to the fights you'll find yourself in if you actually become president. Senator Edwards, if this fight has you scratching your chin, you're not ready. Hit back, support your people, then change the subject to William Donahue. Force him to defend his bigotry, divisiveness, and seeming desire for a theocracy.

Of course, Kung Fu Monkey says it better, and he's a humor blogger, not a politico.

If you don't actually care about politics, though, this abstracted map of the interstate highway system is pretty cool.

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