Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A question of motivation

I've been thinking about Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari. For you non-clickers and non-political junkies, he's the major Republican donor who just got busted for donating to terrorist organizations. I can think of three possible motivations:

1. He's giving to the terrorists because he thinks it'll help the Republican cause,

2. He's giving to the Republicans because he thinks it'll help the terrorists' cause, or

3. He's giving to both because of some end they both support. Could be theocracy, could just be anti-gay.

What bothers me is that all three are plausible.

Molly Ivins had a regular feature called "Crow eaten here", where she talked about things she'd gotten wrong in the past. What's the opposite of crow? I'm asking because I remember tons of liberals over the past few years talking about how bad the Iraq things was because sooner or later, we might actually face a real problem (like Iran, North Korea, aliens, rabid bigfoot, whatever) and that the President would have so little credibility left that we as a nation would be unable to intelligently act.

Just sayin'.

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