Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's there to say? Not much, really. I've got the usual home maintenance stuff that needs doing, like laundry, and dishes, and juggling cats. And then there are the elective projects, like the baseboards we need to pick out, buy, stain, chamfer, and install. There's also a little shelf thing I want to build. Both of those last two require the table saw, and I admit to a little apprehension.

Then there's the work project that was already behind schedule when it dropped in my lap, and the usual sort of stuff that does to my stress level, my other work projects, and, well, everything else.

There's nothing much dramatic in any of it, really, and if there is, I don't have the spare bandwidth to tease out the good story from the standard middle-aged angst. There is one thing, though, that's been really bugging me. Today, I found myself at a website where Lost had done a huge ad buy. They'd stuck this Flash banner ad that expanded to cover half the screen any time you moused over it. I'm used to that, sadly enough, but this one had some kind of bug in its programming that treated that entire space as though it was always expanded, even when it wasn't, so none of the links in the top half of the page worked. It was really, really annoying.

As for why that's supposed to be more interesting than the laptop shelf I want to build, well, your guess is as good as mine.

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