Monday, April 02, 2007

Lately, the to-do list has been growing wayyyyy to much for comfort, but I haven't been able to do much about it. I mean, yeah, there's work, and I'm mentally pretty much toast by the end of the day, so even if there's daylight left, I'm not going to get anything done. And it's almost all outside work.

That's why this weekend was eleven kinds of awesome. Saturday, admittedly, was mostly planning and general farting around, but Sunday was a work day. All in all, we tried a new place for brunch and determined that we'll never be going there again (bad brunch, but good information), fixed the holes in the siding that have been nagging at my brain since January, hung the windchimes, freshened up the mower, dealt with the last of last fall's leaves, mowed the most visibly out of control parts of the yard, cleaned the house, tooks the donated books to the library, checked out new books to read, bought more new books at the bookstore, and, um, well that's it, but jiminy christmas, isn't that enough?

Now I just need to get estimates from some tree services and gutter places. Anybody local folks have good recommendations for either?

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