Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Note of Explanation

You might have noticed the tags on the poems below, one of which is "poems it took me ten years to write". If so, you might have asked yourself, "what's up with that?" Here's the deal: Christie and I were talking about the "weird things" meme that's been bouncing around the blogosphere. Basically, you're supposed to tell the world 5 (or 6, or 9, or 10) weird things that pretty much nobody knows about you. It's a problematic assignment at best.

Christie's problem is that she doesn't have that kind of blog. My problem is that my blog is one place where I make no attempt to conceal my weirdness, so I tend to think there's nothing youse guys don't already know about. But the real problem with this meme is inherent in its nature. See, neither Christie or I thought we had ten weird things about ourselves. The most either of us could come up with was three. But we really went to town on each other. I easily thought of 5 more things that are weird about her, and she came up with at least that many for me.

What are they? I'm not telling. Except that one of the things she came up with for me is that I spent ten years on a single poem. (Actually, the first time I did it, it was 13 years.) That inspired me to take another crack at the magnolia poem below, which still isn't perfect, but at least now it's a true haiku, which I've always felt it was meant to be.

My point, beyond a simple explanation, is that we're blind to our own weirdnesses, since it didn't strike me as even slightly weird to take ten years to get three lines just right. It seems quite reasonable to me, even now, just as I accept that no one will ever love these poems as much as I do. The drive to make something perfect is not, in the end, about external gratification. And the drive to be weird comes from somewhere deep inside, where we can't see.

Also, any blogger that's writing about what's weird about them and doesn't list "I'm a blogger" as number one is deluded.

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