Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thanks to the spring flu Christie and I both had, we never really got a chance to do a real spring cleaning. Well, that's been fixed. Christie cleaned up crap we hadn't touched since we moved, while I put together shelves and built a countertop over the new washer and dryer (bought to replace the washer whose spin cycle left clothes sopping and the dryer that made a sound like a wounded walrus everytime you started it up and required three drying cycles to dry a load of t-shirts).

Before that (and after), we moved, I think, every piece of furniture we own. And a good number of the books, too.

I haven't been this sore since ...

It might be the lactic acid, but I'm not sure I've ever been this sore.

Pictures of the new laundry to follow, to lure Mary back up to Missouri if for no other reason.

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