Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I just had a really good customer service experience with Amazon.com. See, I ordered something for our upcoming Michigan trip and went for the Super Saver Shipping option, thinking there was plenty of time. But, no, the confirmation came back with an estimated delivery date of July 2-9th, which would be too late. And it was also too late to change the delivery method on the web site.

So I googled their customer service number and called. The guy on the phone confirmed that it was too late, but assured me that since it was shipping early, I'd get it in plenty of time. And then he suggested a work around just in case it doesn't get here in time. So my stress is twice-relieved, even though he didn't actually do anything, which is often the essence of customer service, in my book.

I know people complain about how hard it is to find a phone number for Amazon, but all it took was a Google search for "Amazon phone number", and I had it. If there was a phone number plastered all over their web site, I'm sure I would have been on hold all day. So life is good.

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