Friday, July 13, 2007

Because it's Friday the 13th, Christie and I are going to see that witchcraft movie tonight.

Speaking of, I've been rereading the books in preparation for next week, and I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire right now. I think I'm seeing evidence that Snape is a good guy.

All the Death Eaters (that I can think of) in the series go out of their way to be nice to Harry until such time as they 'come out', at which point they try to kill him. Even Draco kissed up to him when they first met. But Snape has been consistently contemptuous of him literally since day one. If he was a bad guy pretending to be good, wouldn't he suck up to Harry at least a little?

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Anonymous said...

I say Snape is indeed loyal to Dumbledore, although not without some internal conflict. I think Dumbledore is really-o truly-o dead and is going to stay that way.

I think (per the original idea of my former neighbor Shelly Botts) that the potion Dumbledore drank was itself a Horcrux, and the death of Dumbledore was a pre-arranged affair to destroy it.

Orson Scott Card wrote a nice little article about Snape's moral character. I don't have a link, but I bet you could google it. It's a well-written piece of literary analysis, even if I still can't get past my gut dislike of Card.