Monday, July 23, 2007

Not really a spoiler, is it?

In the Doctor Who episode The Shakespeare Code, the Doctor says of Harry Potter, "Wait till you read book seven! Oh, I cried."

My thoughts exactly, and that's all you'll get out of me till you've finished the book. Those who have and want to discuss the ending can email me. Melissa, do you have an email address Jack doesn't read? Christie and I would love to talk about the ending.


Christie said...

dying to talk about it! no one at my office has even started the book yet - but they plan to.

Don't the know this is torture?!

salomesmile said...

I check my work email account just about every day. It's, and nobody but me reads that one.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to having some conversations about the book!

salomesmile said...

Here's a fun six-degrees-of-Kirksville-Bacon activity for you:

Google "snapekat" and check out the discussion on Snapekat's livejournal about Deathly Hallows. Be prepared for some serious Snape-centered fandom.

Be mindful, as you do this, that Snapekat was here at Truman at the same time as us Hippie Freaks. And that I found out about her through Daily Kos-- from among hundreds of thousands of people posting there.

Mike said...

Hmm. I wonder what her secret identity is. Anybody we knew?

salomesmile said...

I don't think she was a Hippie Freak, but I haven't tried to track down the specifics of her identity. I'm trying to only repeat what she's shared in public messages-- I don't know how important anonymity is for her.

I'm hoping I'll get to meet her in real life sometime soon, and I'll ask her then whether it's okay for me to share her identity.

Do you think anyone objects to the phrase "Hippie Freak" to characterize our very broad, inclusive social circle as undergrads? Is there a better way to refer to "everybody I hung out with between August 1989 and May 1996"?