Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That's me in the corner, losing my religion

It's late, and I should be heading for bed, but Christie's out of town, and I never can sleep right when she's gone. So instead I'm staying up and playing with the new cable. Some dude from the phone company dropped by the house a couple of weeks ago to pimp their new IPtv service. They're rolling it out slowly in Columbia, since only a few neighborhoods actually have the necessary wiring for the fiber optic.

I'd love to say it was all about the features, and there are some cool ones, but I really signed up because having all our data from one source is going to save us about $30 a month, all told. What's weird about it, though, is that for less money, we're also getting unlimited long distance on the phone, and three DVRs from the phone company. And our rate is grandfathered, not just an introductory thing.

All these are good things.

But there I was just kind of farting around, channel surfing and digging through the menus, and I realized that the DVR was recording two shows at the same time while I was surfing around. Definitely not something the Tivo can do. At least, not the 2nd generation Tivo we have. And then, just when I was questioning my faith in the cult of Tivo, Christie called. And the callerid info popped up on the TV screen.

I guess you could call this a crisis of faith, but, if so, why am I smiling?

Please don't take this as a negative recommendation for Tivo, though. After all IPtv is awesome, but it's not exactly widely available.

Update: Christie's home and the DSL is down, but the modem is something their usual customer service people have, of course, never heard of, and can't figure out how to access remotely. Which means no Internet and no TV until they can get a repairman to us, which will probably be tomorrow. No longer smiling.

2nd Update: Smiling again, but tentatively. Everything's working again. Like so many technical problems, it fixed itself.

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RinOxford said...

Oooohhh...Wonder how long it will take for this to reach Oxford? Could be the next century before we have fiber optic cable in our sub. And most likely that cat will be visiting my bedside before we hit the next century mark.