Friday, July 20, 2007

Does this new Executive Order mean that the Treasury Department will be seizing the Bush family assets, as well as those of major donors to the 2004 campaign? Because they'd certainly qualify.


salomesmile said...

Does reading the text of that Executive Order leave you feeling a little queasy? It could mean anything.

Oh, and don't miss the ongoing drama of "executive privilege trumps contempt of Congress" and "the House can enforce inherent contempt without y'all U.S. Attorneys anyway."

Anybody who doesn't already know the joys of Daily Kos should go there. It's like being able to argue about everything you learn at TPM with roughly everyone in the world at once.

Mike said...

Yeah, I read the other one, too. Sigh. Makes me want to just go read Harry Potter all weekend.

Which is precisely what I plan to do.