Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cloud of stupid descends on Wendy's

I can, on occasion, get a little cranky and overreact to things. I try and take this into account so as to not make the world a less happy place than it needs to be. So when I'm pulling away from the drive-thru window at lunch, and there's a car parked in the drive-thru lane, my first thought is that it's somebody putting away their change, sticking their straw in their soda, giving their kids some french fries, something like that. But, no, it's an empty car, just sitting in the drive-thru lane, blocking traffic.

But that's okay, there are two lanes. I look to my right and start to pull around, when up zips a tow truck with its lights on. It stops right next to the car that's blocking the drive-thru lane, thereby completely blocking traffic. The driver gets out, grabs some tools, and jogs over to a nearby mini-van, where a woman has apparently locked herself out of her car. She and her daughter stand in the empty parking place right next to her car and discuss what the tow truck driver is doing as he opens her door.

By this time, not only am I waiting, but the woman who was behind me in the drive-thru is waiting, as are two cars that have pulled into the parking lot, all wondering why nobody's moving. I might also note that the tow truck is also blocking access to that empty parking place. Wow, he really picked his spot well, didn't he.

The woman who abandoned her car in the drive-thru lane now comes strolling out and looks naturally confused at the clusterfuck that has developed in her absence. Meanwhile, the tow truck driver is putting his tools back in his truck, having already opened the door. I've got to admit, that was impressively fast. But still, ya know?

All told, I figure I spent about a minute eating french fries, stewing, and wondering if there was any point to opening my window and yelling at the guy to move his truck. Which means I've probably spent more time writing this post than I did waiting for tweedledee and tweedledum. Not exactly a major imposition, but I feel justified in my annoyance.

The funny thing is that, while in said drive-thru, I drove right past the speaker and had to back up to place my order. My brain was elsewhere, probably planning my weekend, and I made life difficult (or at least confusing) for the woman behind me. The lesson? Grease fumes clog your brain.

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