Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't you hate that feeling, when you're working on a report and it's a real pain in the ass one and you start to wonder when you're about an hour in and you think 'before I put all this time in, I better be sure I'm working on the right thing', and you look at the tables that drive the whole thing, and something doesn't look right, but this is the same set of data that you've been running a series of weekly reports on for like the last 3 months and if it's wrong now, then it's been wrong all this time, so you start thinking maybe you're better off not checking, but now that you've started to think about it you've got this pit in your stomach and if you hand off this report with a pit in your stomach ... well, you just can't. You can't hand off a report feeling like that, but you think you must have checked it, right, back when you first started this? You must have. Because you always do. But you don't remember doing it, so you take the time and you dig through your email and you find the lists, and, yeah, it's okay. The data's right, and you must have checked it, because you're working off the list they sent you, and if that's wrong, well, there's not much you can do about it.

Yeah, I hate it, too. But it turned out all right.

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