Thursday, September 20, 2007

I believe I might have mentioned that Christie and I joined a gym. And we've actually been going! (Except I tweaked my foot on Sunday, and the more I walk on it, the more it hurts, so I've been spending my evening with my foot up, holding down the couch. But Christie's still going.)

Some of our motivation is about fitness, and health, and that sort of thing. When I look in the mirror, I see more gut than I'd like, and a general sort of softness that just isn't how I want to look. And there's a hint of a nascent double chin that really, really bugs me.

Ah, vanity.

As part of this process, I set a weight goal for myself and put the Google 15 widget on my iGoogle page so I could track (by running average) my weight over time. For the first few weeks, it sort of wavered up and town, but the trend was distinctly horizontal. This was, alas, not working. Change was called for. But what to do?

Over the years, Christie and I have looked at a lot of diets and rejected almost all of them for the simple reason that diets don't work. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you've got to change your lifestyle, and I'm simply not willing to live a carb-free existence, or eat only tribbles, or whatever, for the rest of my life. Besides, I have enough limitations on what I can eat as it is. We did try South Beach for a while, but with my allergies, I was very, very limited as to what I could actually eat, and the Phase 1 diet was pretty much impossible for me.

In the end, we settled on simplicity: burn more calories than we eat. Christie and I each figured out our base metabolic rate, and we aim for about 1-200 calories per day below that. Working out is a bonus, but it also earn us the right to eat more if we so choose. Frozen dinners help a lot, but Target sells a digital kitchen scale that can track nutritional info as well. That's a huge help. With a bit of math, I was even able to figure out the approximate calorie count in my homemade turkey chili (about .75 calories per gram).

The result? I'm down 2 pounds from my max weight of two weeks ago, and Christie's seeing similar results. We're eating (more or less) what we want, and enjoying our food. Life is good.

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