Thursday, October 11, 2007

Never Mind

After two months with the IPtv, we're going back to cable, and to Tivo. The guy from Mediacom is coming this afternoon. Why?

Reason one:
Principle. And money. The principle of money, perhaps. They sold me on this system based on price. We were supposed to get three DVRs and it was supposed to cost only a bit more than we were paying for cable, and significantly less than we were paying for cable and phone combined. Read the fine print, though, and it turned out to be the same cost exactly. Oh, and only one DVR, plus two set-top boxes. The best part of that, though is that the set top box actually IS a DVR, it's just that the DVR functionality is turned off on two of the boxes. So I was paying more than I was promised for less than I was promised. Which pisses me off, I will admit.

Reason two: The DVR. The remote was weak, and needed to be pointed EXACTLY at the cable box to work, and the volume controls could only move up a single step at a time. Very annoying. And the operating system for these things is actually Windows CE, which means that when it crashes (which happens more often each week we have the system), it takes almost 20 minutes to restart. Our Tivo crashed exactly three times in the years I've owned it. And the interface is clunky. And the DVR depends on a network connection to work, so that when the cable signal went out, or the network was down, I couldn't watch shows that I'd recorded. WTF?

Reason three: Service. The movies they have On Demand almost all suck. It's mostly horror films, actually, and not good ones. What, exactly, is the reasoning behind that? And the PPV? It's all wrestling. Even the porn is wrestling, if you can believe that. Naked Ladies of Wrestling or some such thing. Who, exactly, does that appeal to? Nobody in our house. I hope. And the one channel that's totally worth having cable for? CW. Which blacks out for some reason on Tuesday nights, when we really want to watch Reaper and Beauty and the Geek. I mean, yeah, Beauty and the Geek is a juggernaut, but Reaper is a new show, and it's a Kevin Smith thing, so it's practically canceled already! Centurytel, if Reaper gets canceled because Christie and I haven't been able to watch it yet, I'm totally blaming you!

Although, to be fair, CW also seems to have trouble coming in on Wednesdays for Next Top Model, which is equally annoying. Especially as the gym thinks their clients would rather watch Bill O'Reilly or Dog the Bounty Hunter than America's Next Top Model. Silly gym.

Reason four: Lifestyle. Lately, the "recorded shows" list has felt like a to-do list. Yeah, I still escape to TVland on a pretty regular basis, but we have other, better things to be doing. Like playing with the Wii. Or, um, well, I'm sure there's something. Actually, I've been watching a ton of TV lately because I'm supposed to be keeping my foot up, but I'm really not that happy about it. I'd rather do something interactive or even, if possible, productive.

All of which leads me to make this announcement: We're getting rid of our land line. There's just no point in spending $30 a month on the three or four phone calls we make each month. That comes out to about ten bucks a call, which is a bit on the ridiculous side when pretty much everyone calls our cell phones anyway.

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cleek said...

Here's something you can spend time on: get your jack-o-lantern on again.