Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Once again, I find myself writing a blog post, updating you about the stupid things I do to myself. Wow, deja vu, huh?

So, the foot. It's not broken, but the x-ray does show some swelling apparently. But it still hurts, so I've made an appointment with a podiatrist at my old friend, the Orthopaedic Clinic at University Hospital. I seem to spend a lot of time there, don't I?

Last year it was my finger, before that it was plantar warts. Now it's a fucked up foot. Grr. Apparently there something in my lifestyle that is hard on the extremities.

Until I know what, if anything, I can do about this, I'm basically having to keep my feet up except when it's absolutely necessary. Particularly at night, after a long day at work. Which means no mowing the lawn, limited housework, and no gym, all of which are things I do to alleviate stress. This is very frustrating. And boring. I'm thinking of starting up a Netflix account again just to have something to watch on TV while I do my medically necessary sitting on my ass.

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