Thursday, November 22, 2007

Since it's still technically Thanksgiving, and I'm sitting here in bed wide awake, with Christie snoozing peacefully across the room (twin beds suck), I guess a gratefullness post is a good way to usher myself off to sleep.

I could do a pretty long list. There's the job, which continues to be interesting, mostly in a good way, and with a minimum of drama, and a maximum of learning opportunities. Both my parents, who seem to have started me off right, and continue to support me in all the best ways. My friends. My car, even, that runs better and longer than I expected.

But mainly it's about Christie. When I'm with her, I feel like the best possible version of myself. I was cleaning up my hard drive the other day, making room for new files by deleting old pictures that I'd already backed up, culling the not-so-good shots in favor of good ones, and she was laughing in almost every single picture I have of her. Her joy at life is palpable and infectious, even when she's not feeling her best (morning sickness sucks).

I married her three years ago tomorrow, and every year has been better than the one before. I never thought I could be this happy, and I hope I never stop being grateful.

Christie, thank you for wrapping up my life for me so I could see if for the gift it really is.

Internets, if I ever stop being thankful for Christie, please slap me upside the head and set me straight.