Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well, I promised to write about this as if I were the first guy ever to find out his wife is pregnant, so I better keep that promise.

Aside from the occasional doctor's appointment, my life isn't actually that different. On the outside. But I have two overwhelming urges:

The first is a desire to get our shit together in every possible way, but most especially financially. And by "get our shit together", I mean "Make Some Money!" I've done both consulting and freelance writing in the past, and I'm suddenly wondering if I should dust off those old contacts (if I even could), and try to feather the nest a little bit. But it's not like we're broke. We've got a pretty good cushion each month. But this was the year that everything broke, and there went the cushion. When the little whatever arrives next summer, I want there to be a cushion again.

The second, though, is to be there as much as possible for Christie, to do everything around the house that's left undone, take care of her, and to make sure she's got everything she wants and needs.

You can see why I'm feeling just a little crazy right now. The projects take money (must save money!) and time (time is for Christie!), and anything I might do to make more money (must make money!) takes time away from projects and Christie both. Two overwhelming and mutually exclusive desires. I don't suppose anybody out there wants to pay me to blog about getting the baby's room ready, and to pay all expenses? Doesn't seem very likely, I guess. Bummer.

So far, though, I am finding a solution to the crazy. Christie and I are sharing to-do and to-get lists via Google Docs, which keeps us feeling productive and connected even when we can't be in the same room. And we're budgeting, so we can put the existing cushion to the best possible use. I don't suppose lottery tickets count, do they?

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